We see the future yet
take care of the present


Quality, Safety and Environmental Care

At ChemLogis we are aware that the growth of the business also depends on the care we take of our employees, our products and our environment. That is why we develop and enforce continuous improvement and innovation policies to meet the requirements of safety, health and environmental care and, of course, the current regulations.

We comply with regulations
We work on the continuous betterment of our processes and people
Our facilities are verified per international standards


management process

Since February 2013, ChemLogis operates under Quality Management Process ISO 9001, which is regularly updated. We work with certified manufacturers and suppliers so we can better control our operations and deliver confidence to our clients. In the future, we hope to expand our certifications to ISO 14000 and ISO 22000.


To be able to trace and manage our supplies and end products, we assign specific batch numbers to all transformed or re-packaged products and we keep lab samples for analysis.


At ChemLogis we identify each supply so we can detect the purity and integrity of all our materials.

This control is carried by means of pre-shipment samples against the respective batches. All our testing is done with certified methodology and calibrated equipment.

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Commitment, responsibility and innovation:
key concepts in every step of our work


ChemLogis' conviction to operate with respect for the well-being of our team and the environment has led us to continually improve the handling and distribution of high-risk chemicals. We endorse, adopt and incorporate into our policy the guiding principles of the Commitment for Progress of our industry at a global level.

Risk control associated to our activities
Accident prevention
Safe transport of products
Convergence of our values with regulations and internal procedures
Distribution of information about our products
Safety in the storage and handling of our products
Compliance with legal regulations
Ongoing training of our collaborators
Definition of emergency procedures
Clear and effective communication with stakeholders outside our company


Safety Culture

To be well, first you must be safe.
At ChemLogis we persevere at eliminating accidents so that our collaborators can work in the best and safest conditions. That’s why:

We train them towards  proper handling of equipment
We provide and enforce the use of safety equipment
We provide instructions for emergency procedures
We know how to handle emergencies
We provide a secure working environment

Environmental Commitment

ChemLogis is committed to reaching sustainable growth through actions that generate a positive impact on the environment, that’s why we:

We also encourage our business associates, suppliers and collaborators to make this environmental commitment

Assess all the materials that we use in our production process
Optimize our resources
Avoid waste
Mitigate pollution
Preserve energy and other resources
Develop environmentaly-friendly products