We work as a technology partner in the development of products and processes

Logistics and

At ChemLogis we know that the logistics and distribution requirements of each supply are different, so we customize our services to meet the standards set by our clients and, by doing so, we reduce the supply chain costs associated to the task.

We work together with our clients, from defining final packaging of products to sea-freight, railway and road transport, to meet the exact specifications of each delivery.


We serve as a technological partner in the development of products and alternative processes to meet the needs of our clients.

To do this, we perform applied laboratory and field analysis to validate each of our recommendations.

The joint work with researchers and external technicians, as well as academic and industrial institutions in Mexico and abroad, allows us to solve challenges and propose new solutions with a high grade of specification and complexity.


Our clients usually bring us on board on the early stages of their planning and design process so we can provide feedback about their products and processes.

Our proven experience and permanent collaboration with specialized industrial laboratories allow us to propose specific solutions to diverse clients in their respective fields.


Market forces are compelling industries to come up with specific solutions for each customer. At times, it is necessary to innovate in the manufacturing processes to achieve the desired final results.

ChemLogis’ team of trained professionals work to understand, design and engage with clients in their processes; striving to meet their technical and economic requirements. 

Special Services

Whether it’s identifying a technically optimal substitute, reducing friction in the supply chain, supervising the unloading of materials at your facilities or negotiating global supply contracts, we have the ability and expertise to add value through the specialized work of our professionals.

The customization of each solution is our core competence. 

Toll Manufacture of Blends and Formula Development

We manage the supply chain of blends so that our clients’ products reach the market in a safe and timely fashion.

As an added value service, ChemLogis develops formulations and produces liquid and powder blends for third parties. At our facilities, we have blending equipment to produce liquid-liquid, solid-solid and solid-liquid blends, and we can package them per our clients’ needs (all sizes).

Our facilities have the necessary equipment and follow strict guidelines to produce blends intended for intermediate ingredients or end products for diverse industrial sectors.