We think, devise and develop to deliver
added value


For ChemLogis, innovation is the key to our business; it is what makes us different. We think and act towards delivering added value. 

Our experience allows us to provide targeted services that exceed our clients’ expectations



Our plant and warehouses are well equipped so we can analyze, develop and test formulations and products and find solutions for a diverse set of industrial sectors.


We advise our clients on how to develop innovative solutions that help them grow and anticipate market trends.

Custom made

The key to each of our actions is to find customized solutions for each industry with an unchanging goal: to exceed our customers' expectations and, in so doing, to provide them with a real competitive advantage.


By shifting toll-manufacturing to ChemLogis, our customers acquire business partner in the management of their supply chain that will bring their products to the market in a safe and timely manner. Your company will be able to focus on marketing, sales and other high value-added activities and convert logistical expenses into variable costs, which will improve your bottom line.

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Innovating is improving what is already good and transforming it into something better

Savings in high
cost investments

The handling of dangerous chemical products requires facilities that comply with strict regulations.

By hiring ChemLogis, our clients avoid this investment. Our facilities comply with the regulations applicable to the handling of hazardous products.


ChemLogis distributes a wide array of raw materials.

A large portion of the products that our customers require are already in our facilities, this translates into savings for our customers since raw materials are paid only once their blends are ready.

Savings in resources for the fabrication and management of blends with dangerous materials

The production of chemical blends requires procedures and equipment that ensure safety, environmental care, quality and traceability of final products, either for internal use or for sale as a trademark.

Our strict production control guarantees that orders supplied to our clients meet the necessary quality standards while ensuring strict traceability.