Our human talent and industrial facilities are the best mix
we can offer

Who we are and what we believe in

We are ChemLogis

We are ChemLogis, a multidisciplinary group of professionals committed to anticipating and meeting the logistics and sourcing needs of chemical supplies and technology development for a diverse set of industrial sectors.

At ChemLogis we detect the challenges, opportunities and constant evolution of the chemical industry. We know how to identify new technologies, materials and processes to implement into each project.

We are connected to a network of producers all around the globe, which gives us access to more sourcing options with world-quality products, competitive pricing and shortened delivery schedules. Our warehouse network in Mexico City and major ports in Mexico allows us to offer precise and on-time delivery of supplies.

This is how we create better solutions.



Better value at a lower cost is the premise that, since 1992, has cemented our sustained growth and has granted us the recognition of our clients as one of the most competitive players in the chemical distribution industry.

With quality as our conviction, we work with a select group of clients by way of being nimble, cordial and with strict criteria of excellence. At ChemLogis, win-win is not a concept, but a reality.

We believe in focusing all our actions on finding tailored solutions for every requirement. 


Our mission

Our mission is to respond efficiently and at the lowest cost to every challenge.

Our objective

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients, become business partners and deliver true competitive advantage.


At ChemLogis we look into every detail to ensure a smooth operation. We supervise materials, machines, tools, and processes all the way through to the final product. We verify the proper functionality and quality that our clients expect.

Developing and enforcing a strict quality control and traceability of the products we handle is an integral part of our operating procedure.

This makes us able to:

● Prevent failure and avoid risks
● Optimize times
● Reach better results

Corporate Values


We dazzle our internal and external clients because we understand them and we anticipate their needs.


We carry out each task expediently and with precision, to make the best out of the resources at our disposal.


We contribute with the best of our abilities to form a synergistic team that promotes collective growth with our customers.


We analyze and assess each business opportunity as unique, with a wide-angle perspective, to arrive at innovative solutions.


We thrive in the market by outdoing ourselves, understanding and making the needs of our clients our own.

This set of values is what distinguishes and guides our work with ethics and professionalism